Thursday, May 19, 2011

(in parentheses) P31

Who Mind Don't Matter and Who Matter Don't Mind

1. NE-VEEEEER go out with someone that has a gangsta tattoo on their HEAD. NO! You deserve better than that!

2. Not eating delicious food really sucks.... and it could possibly turn you into a bitch.

3. If you can do it.... Then do it!

4. Sometimes i feel sadness inside when you know a really good person who was basically normal and all of the sudden they become crazy and go wild ... and you just sit there and wonder... what the hell happened???

5. When all else fails.... Have some ice cream and reflect and hopefully the answer will come to you. Harness that Chi.

6. When you feel your stomache turn to acid and it hurts really bad, you know its time to eat some food!

7. When someone asks you "hey, whats your favorite animal?" DO NOT say butterflies. Because you'll look really lame and they wont want to be your friend anymore!

8. I know you secretely want to go on crack... but dont do it! Your face will end up looking 10x worse than what it looks like now! NO NO NO!

 9. ALWAYS cut and separate your lettuce leaves before you wash them!!!! I CANNOT stress how important this is... i was washed my lettuce but i found a freaking bug with its head chopped off in my salad by the time i was almost done eating it!!!! :((((((( SO GROSS!!! So let my lesson be your guide!

10. I think its interesting how you can see a small child and wonder what/who they're going to be when they're older... but you never want them to be a drug addict... because when you imagine that future its just depressing.

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