Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Print It Out

Im not a HUGE fan of prints, but im actually starting to warm up to
them as the weather warms up as well.
I love how you can be bold with prints without looking like you're wearing a bunch
of pieces at one time. Plus they are very visually stimulating... enticing... :)
I think now that summer is coming around prints are going to play a big
part on my wardrobe. ♥

1. Forever 21- $5.80 Floral Sunglasses

3. Promise Shoes- $50 Yellow Wedge

4. Miss Selfridge- $36 One Shoulder Print Dress

5. Kate Spade- $78 Make Wave Bangle Set

7. ASOS- $46 Livvy Shoe

8. Dorothy Perkins- $49 Coral Striped Skirt

10. Vans- $15 Lynx Glasses

11. Topshop- $66 Floral Crossbody Bag

12. Dorothy Perkins- $65 Shadow Butterfly Shadow Dress

13. Stephan & Co- $12 Braided Chain Bracelet

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

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