Thursday, May 26, 2011

(in parentheses) P32

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1. If you end up biting your lip and drawing blood, Its a really bad idea to eat salty foods.... or hot cheetos :(

2. You know that your friend wasn't really your friend when it comes to them saving their skivives and throwing you underneath a public transportation bus! (not literally)

3. Always carry emergency snack food!!! You don't want to be in an awkwardly silent room and then all of the sudden your stomache starts crying for food like a newborn baby bird! EMBARRASSING!

4. Realizing what/who you're meant to be is a weight lifted off your shoulders. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure it all out though but don't worry... you'll get there.

5. If you're going to wear prominent lipstick make sure its on your LIPS and not in your MOUTH.

6. Don't stand kneeling right in front of the doorknob because you might get hit in the eye!

7. If you're going to lie... and you get caught... then you should have a foolproof story behind whatever you're saying...or else you're going to look like a dumb lying cheesehead.

8. Don't ever use the word LINGO....                no.

9. Drunk people make interesting entertainment. Unless they're mean drunks...

10. If a dog is running towards you and you're deathly afraid of it... then may baby jesus help you... because I have no advice for that kind of situation. Except for if you're with someone, then use them as a human shield.

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