Thursday, December 2, 2010

(in parentheses) p9

1. If you're frustrated/angry/P.O'd and you feel like screaming, I would definitely do it. Just make sure you're alone, go anywhere, even the top of a mountain, and let it out. It will make you feel better.

2. Its not crazy that i think unicorns existed.... what? Don't you have a make believe something you think exists?

3. Eating smaller portions means paying more money. Ex any fast food place.... you order a small and it comes out to lets say.... 3.50 but if you make it a large it comes out to 4.05... WHY? Cant my food be significantly cheaper???

4. Don't drink tea that has been sitting on your desk for two years inside a Ziploc bag. It tastes really gross.


6. Now that the holiday season is here, and people start going crazy... please be careful. Watch out for yourself. This is a time where parking lot accidents are at their peak, and people are cranky from waiting in long lines, AND add the fact that they're going buzzerk to find something.

PS. When you go shopping and it gets nearer to the holidays, don't be mean to the cashier. I've worked retail during this time and its not fun that everyone is cranky, and they're pissed that the line moves so slow, BUT its not their fault that hoards of people decide to go mass shopping. It doesn't make them happy to keep seeing people with frustrated faces over and over. So please be as pleasant even for the 2 min that you're there.

7. If you did something good, Be proud of yourself.

8. Listen to what the inner you wants. You'll feel at peace with yourself. Even if its ice cream :)

9. To tell you the truth, I'm really scared. I'm always scared. I'm scared of what might happen the next day, scared that I'll lose someone i love, scared that my life will go wrong. I hope you don't feel this way, actually i hope no one else feels this way.

10. Give the gift of being AWESOME >:)

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