Thursday, December 16, 2010

(in parentheses) p11

1. Always have a good deed for the day.

2. If you're a planner/scheduling freak like me... Its better not think about anything. You'll drive yourself & others around you crazy, as i already have.

3. If you have no monies to buy presents its equally as nice to get a heartfelt something  from you ( like a letter/painting/craftthing/anything?)

4. When im thinking about the alphabetical order of something... ex:: looking through a phone book/dictionary/list i sing the abc's in my head.... its nothing to be ashamed of.

5. Its harder to not cry, then actually crying...

6. If someone is being a total/major/you didnt do anything to them (like my boss) A-hole to you, then you have the official blessing to be a mega bitch back.  .

7. Can anything please go right?!

8. Dont cry at nightime and believe you'll look better in the morning.... THAT is actually the opposite. You will look crap.

9. Make sure if you buy a sweater that its not the ones that are SUPER itchy!

10. If you're a feminazi/vegan/religious/non religious/ meat eater/peta/dont care/something. yes be proud of what you are there is nothing wrong with that, but please dont shove whatever you want others to believe down their throats. Its not nice.  

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