Thursday, December 9, 2010

(in parentheses) p10

1. Don't let anyone make you cry. You can do that once their gone. Unless you know its going to make them feel super guilty then you can use that against them.

2. Give a gift to a child. I think its nice if you buy some kid you don't know a gift. It will make their Christmas so much happier. Go to a toy drive. Give to the marines. Something!

3. I don't trust you with making my food if you cant even pop some popcorn or make an instant soup.

4. I NEED COFFEE!!!! Its not really an advice/tip/things to mention.... but i haven't had coffee today and thats all I'm thinking about!

5. People rub off on other people. So keep close the people you want to influence you. Get rid of the bad weeds. They'll only harm you along the way.

6. Get a cool haircut!!!!!! You ll look cool PLUS I love haircuts!

7. When you borrow peoples stuff make sure you give it back in the same condition. Don't be a jerk off and crap their stuff!

8. If someone sneezes say "bless you" Don't lose your manners!Even if you say it really quietly to yourself... anyways.... why do we say "bless you"?

9. I TOTALLY get you when you say you hate your job.... really.... i do. SO lets go find new ones!? yes?

10. I think we should work for three days .... and have a four day weekend.... yeah that sounds MUCH better!

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