Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Candy Cane Manicure

My annual company christmas party is going to be held next week. Which is pretty much we try to look our best (since we never get to wear nice clothes considering we work in a manufacturing company), We get a really delicious meal, AND most of the company gets drunk. Now usually i look like shit when i go to work, so this day is really important to me to look uber nice! Last night i was thinking of things to wear. i've seen a couple of really cute shirts and am considering purchasing them. I already have my pants and shoes in check so that only really leaves my nails and hair (but my hair is easy). So last night i was trying of things to try and this is what i came up with :::

Candy Cane Inspired Nails::::

I totally think its going to depend on what i wear but i think this would be super festive!

Hopefully it will look like this:::


From Cosmetic Cupcake....

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