Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(in parentheses) p12

1. If you ever leave food/drinks in a room with someone that hates you...... I wouldn't touch it again!

2. Always be prepared with anything you might need inside your bag. That doesn't mean shove any crap inside there! Clean that shiz out!!!

3. Not knowing what your Christmas present is.... TORTURE!

4. Ladies, When your lady problems come, dont' be a bitch to everyone.... please... i know it sucks.

5. If you're sick you are licenced to have anything you want!

6. These couple of days are crazy shopping days! So if someone gets to the shirt you want first it is NOT OK to punch them. yeah. I've seen it happen!

7. If you have the guts to give people you hate some coal or a crappy present... I TOTALLY LOVE YOU!

8. Christmas company parties are weird. Especially when everyone gets drunk.... Just do what i do... pretend its a dream or get drunk too lol.

9. Giving people you REALLY dislike/creep you out/hate/make you want to vomit hugs or kisses on the cheek ... IS THE WORST!

10. Don't give calendars out as Christmas presents... its lame.

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