Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gift Wrapping Galore

This is an Extremely Long post. Gift giving is coming up and i don't know about you, but i  to wrap gifts and take the time to make them perfect. Here are some GREAT ideas. Dude, I don't care if Martha Stewart went to jail. She's a frickin genius!

Jingle Bells:::

You can buy these bells at a crafts store or some walmart or something. They're rather inexpensive. All you have to do here is just wrap your gift and before you seal the ribbon add the Jingle Bell... How festive! (Left)

Box Bow Top:::

If you Have a box with a removable top, here is a super easy adornment. Put a bunch of tiny bows on top! (Bottom)

Christmas Tree Cutout:::

Wrap your gift with your main paper first. Figure out where the center of your box is on the paper you want to show above and use and exacto knife before hand and cut out half the tree. Once you have it in place fold it over! (Bottom)
Memorable Gift Wrap

Furoshiki :::

The Japanese have a really cute way to wrap their gifts. Its called Furoshiki. They use cloth and tie it up. Just secure any open ends with a safety pin, knot, or buttons for a nice touch! (Bottom)

Furoshiki techniquesFuroshiki Directions :) to the Left

There are more ideas continuing by clicking

Kraft Paper:::

This is a really simple but efficient way to wrap using Kraft Paper. Its a very natural looking way to wrap and you can use any topping so that it adds adornment! (Right)

Flower Bow Toppers:::

These are really simple because you take a big bow and a small one, cut them in angles towards the middle of the loop and you fill the big bow with the small one! That way your flower doesn't look so empty. Its a very feminine way to top your present :)
Beaded Letters::

If you want to get fancy, try the beaded letters! You need seed beads and wire. use the Letter Template  to guide you in making your letters. Its relatively easy, just time consuming. but amazing nonetheless!
( Bottom)

Beaded Ornaments: Letters and Stars

Melted Crayon With Wax::

Now if you want something creative, go back to the basics. For this you need crayons and tissue paper. Use crayon shaving and put them on the tissue paper. use 3 pieces on top and 3 on the bottom. Then iron them out until they melt! If you need clarification but isn't much Go Here


I hope this was useful! Good luck! I'll post more gift ideas SOON!!!

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