Monday, November 1, 2010

whats so wrong about no make up?

i really wish i wasn't at work.

So, I'm doing my morning ritual, which consists of drinking coffee,checking email, reading up on news, and of course checking what i missed on blogs. I decided to check out on imboycrazy and i kinda got peeved. Her post this morning really aggravated me that i needed to write about it. Now, i understand her blog format. If you haven't visited her site its a pep talk in a form of a blog in a form of a slap in the face, enough said. I totally get that she's going to be obnoxiously straight forward and she is funny sometimes but this posting is about girls who don't wear make up.... her post Secret Face (go ahead read) didn't make me laugh or feel grateful for her advice. Its about how us girls should always wear make up. That 1.We don't look good and should never be without our face 2. People aren't used to it. 3. Guys who want natural girls really mean want a girl with a nice face because they don't know what a natural girl looks like.

You know, if thats the case then its pretty sad. Guys need to get used to the idea of girls not wearing make up. Its not like we're going to go to sleep with it on, swim/bathe with it, or exercise with it. Puh-leez! Like thats going to happen! (although i do know people who do that and its pretty sad because then they only rely on it to look/feel good about themselves because they cant live without it! ) Same with society. I feel really bad when i see tabloids that read "STARS WITHOUT MAKE UP" its like, havent you seen a normal human being without make up? Sometimes ,yeah,  they dont look that great, but we're so accustomed to them wearing tons of heavy make up that we dont even know what they look like!

I think all of this is bullshit. I think that if a girl doesn't want to wear make up then its fine. and there shouldn't be such a big deal from society... I don't wear make up most of the time. sure I'll put on a little bit of mascara but thats about it. unless I'm going out out then i wear foundation or something. Not because i feel yucky and am going to show my face in public, but because i want to.  I don't think its necessary to have it on at all time. if you want to wear make up and feel confident about yourself then why not? Who cares?! besides if you don't then you're doing yourself a favor! you'll look better when you're older, your skin will be healthier, and happier!  If you feel uncomfortable because you have something you want to touch up and it would make you feel better, thats ok too. We are human, we have imperfections, just because we're girls doesn't mean we have to look perfect. If you have killer looks good for you! but some of us aren't like that!. This isn't about women's movement or whatever. Its about bashing girls telling them that its not ok to do that. that they need it. besides this just feeds into what you have to be to be attractive, and that if you don't comply, then you're not ...why make someone feel bad when they don't need to feel that way. if that is what they choose fine, but no need to make everyone feel bad...  I don't know.... what do you think? anyone?

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