Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pine Cone Garland

I came across this DIY pine cone thing, and i thought it would be nice to have in any home. Now I've never really been a crafts person, but this seems easy enough for anyone to do! Pine_Cone_Garland_2

you will need :::
1) Pine Cones
2) Ribbon
3) Something to hole punch
4) Screw Hooks
5) Scissors

It seems relatively easy. Its festive and pine cones are everywhere! First get your Pine Cones. Try to get enough to cover the desired space. Then,cut the ribbon and hole punch holes for each pine cone you're going to hang up. After that use the Screw Hooks. Place the Screw end into the pine cone once that's done you just hang them up! Easy Right?!


                                                                 And VOILA!!!


You should also try this with the garland wrapped around if you don't like it bare, AND while you're at it if you like the cinnamon scented pine cones it'll add a lovely scent to your home!

thanks Twig + Thistle

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