Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Places To Be ::: Coffee & Tea Shops

When I wake up and I'm getting ready for work, the first thing that i want is coffee or tea (the second would be that i worked somewhere else, the third is spending time with my bf). Coffee and Tea are especially essential during the winter times, when the air is chilly and there isn't much sun to warm you out. So when those days come around i love love love to go get something warm to make me feel better.
There are plenty of good shops around L.A but i know some of you don't live in CALI and I'm sure you have some good places around where you live :).

I think that I'm more of a tea person than a coffee person. I love the selections that you can have! Some of my favorites are Rooibos (with Camu Camu), Earl Grey, Black Tea, Chamomile, 7 Blossoms, Strawberry Teas and Hibiscus Teas. I tend to stick with bolder flavors. I think the only ones that i haven't liked are flowery teas because they make me feel like I'm drinking perfume. For example, Rose hips, Lavender, and Jasmine based teas.

Now for those of you that are in the LA County here are a few of the places that i have enjoyed experiencing. All of these mostly found by roaming around, waiting to go home, and of course to pass time in between classes.  Kaldi Coffee & Tea ** Located In Atwater Village in Glendale. I used to spend 3-5 hours here. They have an AWESOME tea selection plus the place is filled with pretty rad people and it has some cute shops nearby. Also its doubled as an art gallery!!! HOW COOL RIGHT?!

In Pasadena there is Bird Pick &**. They have All your tea needs!!! Super Cute.

Bricks & Scones  is also a trendy place. They have discounts and perks and LIVE MUSIC! They even have a study (which is a no talking room) :) yay!

Here a couple others :::

** Personal Favorites

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