Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is a great manicure option. This is one of the new things from OPI. Its a Soak-Off Gel Lacquer. I First got this done a while ago when i used to work at a jewelry store and my manager did not approve of my yellow polish. I had already put in my two weeks notice and didn't want to get acrylics OR paint my nails every other day (because i work at a machine shop and my nails are always chipping and eventually get destroyed). Anyways... i wanted something durable for my natural nails and this is where i went! The process to getting soak off gel nails is long and tedious. But for me well worth it. They have to do apply each layer and then let it harden for 5 min. So basically you have the base, wait, nail polish coat, wait, nail polish coat way, then top coat, wait. Everything has to be super clean and well done, that's why it takes so long. OPI has a bunch of new colors and most of their signature colors available, and recently they added glitter! These nails lasted me a good 2 1/2 WEEKS! (which for me is a miracle). I would recommend this to anyone that wants something long lasting and low maintenance. If you like the longevity of acrylic but hate how much it damages your nails, i would certainly look into this! They can do French Manicures with the lacquer. The price of it though was a bit more expensive. For OPI it costs me $40 at the salon BUT i know there are others that have similar products for about half the price! Give it a try!

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