Thursday, January 5, 2012

(in parentheses) P50

Hear No Evil

 1. Just because I'm standing in front of some cookies, and I'm a fatty , DOESN'T  mean that I was eating those cookies. I have self control.

2. When you're having a bad day, just put on some music, and let it take you away.

3. You know you're totally out of shape when you're doing yoga and it hurts to even keep your arms up :(

4. Please learn how to spell.... PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEEE

5. Thankyou baby Jesus for making Morning Star veggie chicken nuggets..... and thankyou even more that they taste amazing!!!!!!!

6. Toaster ovens are the bomb. Don't have one? Get one :). You can toast your cheesy bagels, and tots, and your nuggets.... and tons of other things!!!  I want one SO  bad!

7. Also.... get a rice cooker and a crock pot. You'll thank me.

8. The higher your heels are.... the harder you're going to eat shit when you fall...... I've seen it happen ladies.

9. Getting a gift card to Trader Joes is THE best thing ever when you're broke!

10. Don't. Eat. Chocolate. Covered. Bacon. .... ... ........ Just don't do it.

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