Thursday, April 21, 2011

(in parentheses) P27

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1. Not everyone is exactly how you imagine them. I'm pretty good at reading people and its such a surprise and very refreshing when someone is completely the opposite of what you thought of them. But in the good way :)

2. When you go to a party, where you don't know anyone.... prepare for an interesting night.

3. Always carry some motrin/tylenol/whateves in your bag. You never know when yourself or someone else will be in need of it.

4. Go get some Chili's!!! OR some sushi!!!! YUMMMMMMM......

5. Its scary to do something that you haven't done in a long time... but i think its best if you just jump right in! Don't be scared!

6. People can only hurt you, IF you let them. Put your feelings aside and don't let things bother/depress you. Its the only way that you can keep your sanity. Sure, people are always disappointing and they'll cause you heartbreak but if you don't expect too much and you don't love too much, Then there isn't much for them to steal from you.

7. I want the sun to come back!

8. If you can make $20 last you a whole week and have to feed yourself and others... You should totally be proud of yourself! I know i am!

9. Its pretty sad when you enroll in a class where the teacher is asking the students to teach programs that he doesn't know.... and you learn absolutely NOTHING!

10. Some people aren't meant to look cool. Some people are meant to look nice.

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