Thursday, April 14, 2011

(in parenthese) P26

lil' folks :)

1. Sometimes crying by yourself is ultimately the best thing you can do.

2. I had forgotten how hard it was to perform in public. Its weird to know that you are practically exposing yourself and your feeling in front of everyone.

3. You know when you watch those shows about how people are attracted to lions and weird animals like that. Well i think i know where they are coming from. When you have a baby something and they lick and play and come near you, you get a sense that they love you. My new bunny does this and i think that possibly maybe it could love me. But at least if it hates me it wont eat me like a tiger.

4. If you are going to lock yourself in a room or any place, make sure that you stock up on food. because it really sucks when you get hungry.

5. Doesn't it seem odd that people think its nutritionally ok to substitute two of your meals with yogurt?

6. What does it mean when people put the # sign in front of things?!?!?! I don't get it!

7. You cant always have it your way. I wish you could but its just not possible.

8. NOTHING can beat LOVE.

9. Did you know that when you hug a person for more than 30 seconds your brain releases enough chemicals to make a stronger bond between you two? So please hug for more than 30 seconds.

10. The food channel is SOOOOOOO addicting!

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